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1and1 Review

1and1 Review

1&1 offers a variety of solutions to let customers create their online presence. The company has been in business since 1988, making it one of the most recognized and trusted names in domain registration, hosting and website creation. Today 1&1 is home to over 19 million domains and more than 70,000 servers worldwide. Whether you are looking to host a personal or business website, 1&1 has the tools, support and resources to help you do it!

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Core Features Extra Features
Unlimited webspace Facebook and Search Marketing Credits
Unlimited websites FREE private domain registration
Unlimited traffic Website Builder
FREE included domain Site Analytics
Hundreds of apps Simple SEO
Linux and Windows support EZ Shop Creator
Daily Backups Search Engine Submissions
99.9% Uptime Anti-Virus Filter

Hosting Plans:

1&1 offers an Unlimited hosting plan that is both powerful and easy to use. This plan is appropriately named since it includes unlimited webspace, supports the ability to host an unlimited number of websites, and allows you to have unlimited traffic to your site. These are great features for anyone looking to expand their web presence or handle more site visitors. This package provides the tools to get your site online quickly. There are plenty of options to get your site up and running including website builders (standard and for mobile optimization), hundreds of apps (including WordPress), design software and even unlimited FTP accounts. They also include a free domain for the life of your package, free private domain registration and even 100 email addresses to link to your new domain so you can truly expand your website into a functioning business.


The Unlimited hosting plan starts at $0.99 per month on a 12 month billing cycle, followed by a $7.99 per month regular price. If you prefer to pay month to month, the price is $8.99 per month. This is a very affordable solution that provides peace of mind by supporting future website growth needs through unlimited traffic and webspace. On top of that, this price includes a free domain for the life of the package and free private domain registration which is a feature for which other hosts usually charge.

Customer Support:

1&1 provides extensive information through articles at the 1&1 Help Center portion of their site, so it’s very easy to find answers. If you have tougher questions or issues that need a personal touch, you can reach 1&1 on the phone or by email. The 24/7 toll free phone line is the best way to reach someone live, even in the middle of the night!


Really the only fact you need to look at when evaluating the reliability of a hosting company is the strength of their guarantees. 1&1 starts out with an iron clad 99.9% up time guarantee to ensure that your site will always be accessible to your visitors. Of course, the fact that they are currently hosting over 19 million domains all around the world also makes a very powerful statement as to their reliability.

The equipment used is also a factor. Knowing that your site files are physically stored on at least two different servers, located in different physical locations should help anyone sleep better at night.

Ease of Use:

It was a bit of a surprise to our editorial team when it was discovered that 1&1 does not use cPanel as their management control panel. However, you will find that 1&1’s proprietary control panel is simple to use. Within the control panel, you can easily create your website with quick access to apps such as WordPress, a website builder, and even a mobile website builder. 1&1 also has a Webspace Explorer that makes it easy to manage your webspace and perform functions like uploading and managing your files.

Bottom Line:

1&1 is a reliable hosting company that’s been in the business for over 20 years. Their inclusive and affordable hosting package provides the tools needed to easily get your online presence up and running and then expand to support your growing needs or website traffic.

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