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Since 1997, has been provided web services to hundreds of thousands of users. has enjoyed considerable success in website building, eCommerce and domain registration for a number of years and began to branch out into hosting shortly afterwards. With more than one million suscribers in 2001, it’s clear to see that hasn’t slowed down after a long history of acquisitions. Offering a multitude of online services besides hosting, is both a veteran and an evolving power online and is definitely worth your consideration.

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Core Features Extra Features
Unlimited Hosting Space Included Advertising Credits
Unlimited Bandwidth Website Builder
Unlimited Domains WordPress, Drupal, MovableType
Unlimited FTP Accounts Website Tracking
Unlimited MySQL Databases Frontpage Extensions Support
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Choose Between Linux/Windows Hosting

Hosting Plans:

Whilst a lot of plaudits are picked up by comprehensive web hosting companies which offer a range of web hosting plans and options, simplicity can be an art form in itself and are very good at what they do. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience, are confident in the abilities of their single hosting plan and have stacked it full of powerful features to appease both entry level and high end users alike.

With unlimited storage space, bandwidth and e-mail accounts, the plan certainly holds its own against the competition. When you combine the choice of a Linux or Windows server, extensive scripting language support and database tools; the single plan begins to look like every plan you ever needed. Experienced users will recognize the power behind some of the included features whilst beginners will be pleased with the straightforward format.


On a single hosting plan, you’re either going to like the price or you aren’t. Without a cheaper or more expensive package to go for, it can be difficult to put your money down on something you aren’t sure about.’s package weighs in at $11.95 per month, with a billing cycle once every four weeks. Whilst this is significantly more than some of the competition is priced at, it is somewhat in line with the “Pro” or “Premium” packages or rival web hosting plans and options and can deliver an equivalent punch. won’t cater to those of limited budgets, but the price is more than reasonable when you take a close look at what’s on offer.

Customer Support:

Having one plan means that it’s quite easy to get support, being able to bypass the complex questions about the state of your account and website. As a result of this, feels that they don’t need to offer as extensive customer support as some of the competing companies and do away with the much loved online chat functionality. Instead, they offer support on an e-mail system and a technical service telephone number. Regardless of the simplicity, we’d like to see a bit more help available to the customer.


The uptime guarantee from is a market leading 99.99%. Alongside this, they seem to gloss over the fact that over all of their web hosting packages they are entirely wind powered. This is impressive when you take into account that they operate fantastically powerful hardware including Cisco routers, strong back-ups and redundancy protection with diesel generators. It would take quite a storm to send your website down if it’s hosted with’s servers. The Advice & Resources section of is a nice touch however, with articles and reference on how to solve some of the more simple problems.

Ease of Use:

It may seem like flogging a dead horse to mention’s single hosting plan, but this is where it begins to make headway on its opponents. When it comes to ease of use, nothing is easier than optimizing a static system and have been able to make their interface and services very understandable and user friendly through their simplicity. The customer support, in our experience, was responsive and knowledgeable and were there to help out on the (very few) bits we got stuck on.

Bottom Line: might not be the best solution for the techy or the business owner, but it occupies a happy middle ground for those who don’t want to make any hard decisions.

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